Adam Gage, GIS Consultant

My name is Adam Gage and I offer expert and innovative consulting services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), online mapping, and other geo spatial solutions, to clients in various industries throughout the region.

As the principal consultant I have over 25 years of GIS experience. I graduated from New Mexico State University in 1995 with an Engineering degree in Land Surveying, where I concentrated heavily in GIS fundamentals. During this time I met my wife, and today we have three great kids, living in Colleyville, TX.

After 15 years in the corporate world working as a GIS Analyst, Administrator, and Manager, I finally decided to venture out on my own. The goal was to provide GIS analysis, development, support, training, and implementation of a cost-effective system to help better decision making, increase productivity, and create competitive advantages in your industry.

I've had many successes in project analysis, data conversion and integration, training, online solutions, and most importantly developing geospatial methodologies to improve operations within your business. My focus is to guide clients toward more intuitive decision-making through the power of geographic thinking.