Interactive Online Mapping

Gage Consulting has developed a process for creating informative online maps which can be embedded within your website, or ours. This web-based, online map application can help you identify new properties with a better understanding of a region’s key performance indicators.

By integrating next-generation, web-mapping technology into your website, you can provide your company or your clients a way to virtually tour properties through the internet. As users identify properties of interest, they can find out more by simply hovering over the property location icons.

Potential clients can "preview" a property or click on a number of custom links for more information, or view printable property reports or even contact the developer about their interest. A “bird’s-eye view” feature is available for many locations that changes the aerial photography from top-down to oblique perspectives, or just plan map views which you see every day on the internet.

See these demos for a more clear understanding of what is available for you and your business. More to come...